August 10th, 2009


It really is all about the dough

This morning's phone call to the IRD:

Me: Hi, you messed up, I'd like to know why.
Him: Please hold *plays misex*
(5 mins later)
Him: We messed up, I will recommend they give you money. You have to wait another week and then it should be there.
Me: Forgive my lack of faith but *insert list of IRD errors so far*, so is there any way of tracking this to be sure it's actually going to happen, and also, why did IRD take the money in the first place?
Him: There's no way of tracking it. If the money doesn't turn up next week, ring us again. There's no indication why it happened. And while I'm at it, there's no real guarantee that it won't keep happening.
Me: Do you have any idea... you know what? Never mind.
*hangs up, starts drafting letter to MP*

I am so done dealing with these idiots.

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My weekend in list form - sleep in, sheep, town, cast iron frypan, dinner at Scopa (nom), Milk (recommended), ferrouswheel (nom), list making, sleep in, sewingsewingsewing.

And beautiful spring weather!

[EDIT] I just had a phone call from a debt recovery service, asking me if I was having any trouble recovering payment from my clients. You know times are tough when debt collectors start cold-calling random people trying to drum up business...