August 8th, 2009


IRD are a pack of total fuckwits

So. The Kid's Dad finally paid some Child Support. It was only partial payment of the amount he's supposed to pay a month but it would have been enough to buy The Kid some badly-needed school clothes.

Hang on. Would have? Yeah. The 7th (supposedly pay day) came and went, and nothing. So I checked the website. It showed the payment on the CR side, and 2 days later on the DR side, it said "Crown Entitlement" for the same amount.

So I looked up Crown Entitlement:

"Crown entitlement
The Crown receives the paying parent's child support payments if the custodial parent is on a benefit. This helps to offset the cost of the benefit. If the paying parent pays more than the cost of the benefit, the extra is paid directly to the custodian."

Yes, that's right. Apparently I'm now unemployed. I wish someone had told me, I would have stopped going to work. Obviously the tax credit thing being overpaid then stopped because they were operating on a lower income from FIVE YEARS AGO, actually meant I'd been sacked, not paid a higher salary.

THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT! And just to add insult to injury, the hotline for CS issues is only open during working hours on weekdays, so I can't call and yell at them.

Yeah, I'm at the yelling stage. I've supported this kid for 7 months with no help, and finally some money comes and THEY TAKE IT THROUGH A FUCKUP!!! ARGH!

*paces and mutters*