August 7th, 2009

going native

I wear colours! Fluoro ones!

Last night's weirdness:

* Living in an intentional community that involved sharing not only one big room but also one of several large beds with a variety of people, and some angst over emptying the 40-gallon compost bucket.

* Mustering sheep with Viggo Mortensen, whose sheepdogs were better than mine. Trying to steal pasture from Hugh (my co-trainer at Taratahi who was always affectionately known as Hugh Jarse) without him knowing.

* Getting lost in the Shasta Road hills up behind Berkeley (shout out here to dragonvyxn and dragynsidhe - sorry, I got lost and couldn't find your house..), driving around in the dark and the rain* through that maze of winding little streets, going colour blind and missing traffic lights, then finding the Best Coffee Shop In The World and waking up before getting my coffee.

* Yes, me. Driving in the US. Be afraid.

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Today I get to meet with precast concrete manufacturers. We will talk about columns, beams and slabs. It'll be thrilling. Then I'll go to Fidels, then there will be stilt dancing. This weekend there will be the making of robes.

And the sun, hopefully, will keep shining. I like this sunny thing.