August 4th, 2009


Teenagers are people too!

Last night, I continued The Kid's classical education by showing him Donnie Darko. Mostly it was so that he could recognise the cultural reference to Sparkle Motion when taking the piss out of Twilight. He'd been told by his peers that it was scary and dumb, but he actually enjoyed it. The time travel twist kind of got him like it gets everyone, but once he figured it out he was like "Aha!"

Also, young Jake Gyllenhaal = nom nom nom.

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I got a free ride in on the train this morning, due to being completely overlooked by the conductor, who must be colourblind or something. I see it as compensation for all the times in the last month I've been left waiting on the platform for ages. Yes, the rail folk are trying to do something about it. No, it hasn't improved the service yet. Really, for the most part it's pretty good - I've never been late to work because of the train, and compared with some people I've had a pretty good run.

But I'm still taking the free ride. ;-)

[EDIT] Those of you who think the internet filtering being implemented by the DIA is unlikely to be corrupted, have a read of this, and explain to me why they'd do this and why it's ok.