July 31st, 2009


Every time I look into your eyes I see the future*

Dear everything, I'd like you to be simple now kthxbye.

Also, can Santa bring me an instruction book for the following please:

Parenting. Learning to be habitually domesticated in things other than cleaning. Preparing for overseas adventures. Tact and diplomacy. Trigonometry. Finding out where that weird smell is coming from. Remembering when you have a lecture (oops!).

I've been good*. Well, sort of.

Love, Tats

PS while you're at it, I really like the springy feel of the light lately. Cheers for that.

* <3 Tiga. Mostly for the cheese factor and the fact that his voice feels like a vibrating massager on high.
** Depends on your definition of good, really.

Fidels for me tonight, interspersed with an hour's stilt dancing. Well, mostly stilt strutting at this point. I'm working up to the dancing bit.