July 27th, 2009


Spider Monkey is the new term of endearment!

So, Twilight. In the words of The Kid - "How to seduce a woman. Tell her you've been watching her sleep for 3 months." Cos that works, yeah.

Actually, I was expecting it to be a lot crappier than it was. Keeping in mind that it's pitched at tweenies, I can see why a bunch of 12-year-old girls thought it was The Best Movie Ever. There were a lot of Brooding, Suitably Angsty Angle Shots, plenty of Sweeping Epic Scenery With Hot Boy, some Tortured Love, and Dark Moody Music. The adult characters were appropriately one-dimensional and the female main was suitably helpless and unable to keep her metaphorical dick in her pants around said Brooding Angsty Epically Tortured Hot Boy, who was not only hot but also sensitive. It's a recipe for getting inexperienced female hormones dancing.

Yep, Bella was right up there with the lady in Stardust in terms of loads-of-potential-but-turns-out-to-be-uselessness. WTF people? I know I know, they had to stay true to the story, and that requires her to be a pawn with no power or thoughts of her own, who needs looking after and to be told what to do.

So now I want to poke the author in the eye with a stick and remind her(?) that she's responsible for yet another generation of girls deciding they want to be rescued by The Bad Boy They Can't Have. Thanks lady.

(but secretly i quite enjoyed it. it was perv worthy and gave us some good laughs. and as polly pointed out, we had Robin of Sherwood, which was equally cheesy and tortured/brooding)

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A bit of variety there, wot?

Tehehehee! ;-)

* Consider this to be me licking ferrouswheel's brain.