July 21st, 2009


In which I go *facepalm* and rant a little

I woke up this morning with I Wanna Come Over by Melissa Etheridge stuck in my head. I used to be a big fan of Ms Etheridge, and truth be told, I still am. I really like her 'too much whiskey' voice, and at the time her lyrics were pushing the boundaries of what's ok to sing about. I even did one of her songs in karaoke once, an occasion that will be forever known as the Too Much Port Incident. But you know what? Despite the talent and the fact that I own four of her albums, she's still a whiner. She just sings her emo music with attitude is all.

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I think that might very well have been the longest lj post ever. I could shorten it by taking the essay out but I have nowhere to put it so it can be linkylinkied. Suggestions welcome.