July 17th, 2009


Because English is weird..

Question for the Latin buffs around the place:

Is there a rule about using 'i' as a plural for a noun in Latin? Like - octopus = octopi, penis = penises, radius = radii, etc? All of these nouns end in 's', but the way they are pluralised is different. What's the rule for this? And Dr Wheel says the plural of virus is viri. I think it's viruses. There must be resolution!


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Today I am in another all day meeting, because all-day meetings are character building. *nod* I am going to have SO MUCH CHARACTER!

And I'll be Fidelling tonight. I've quite enjoyed the smaller crowd the last couple of weeks. Big groups of people are a bit scary and I never feel as though I've got to talk with everyone if there's more than about 10 people there. I think summer lends itself better to big-group socialising, and winter to cosy get-togethers of a few people. Hmm..