July 15th, 2009


In which I learn to eat slowly

Last night's lesson: always put your sausage dog on a treadmill when it's young, otherwise it won't learn to use its back legs and will develop a hinge in its spine. Wisdom from the subconscious... I blame the food.

There was a lot of food. We went to Citron - spiritual home of Wellington foodies, so I'm told. Now, I'm not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination but I appreciate tasty food. I never thought I'd find myself there, though. ferrouswheel continues to expand my experience on a daily basis. x

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And tonight, I'm kind of looking forward to playing house in my wee house with my chosen family and lighting a fire and putting the final touches on *classified* project.

Question: Should I start sewing labels (discreetly) into the things I make? Saying something like "Made with blood, sweat, tears and an overfaced sewing machine by Tats. Please handwash me."

[/ego trip]