July 13th, 2009


Vague and maybe relevant thoughts about hallucinogens

Last night I dreamed about lambs. Not in the frolicking through daffodils kind of way, but in the pasture management of pregnant ewes kind of way. But I still insist that it's the first tiny sign of spring speaking from my cellular seasonal recognition sector, like a crocus sticking through the snow. Or it could just be wishful thinking optimism brought on by the return of ferrouswheel.

Happiness is: waking to the alarm, crawling out of bed to turn it off, thinking "Wow it'll be great when he gets back", then crawling back into bed and realising he is back. ;-)

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Meanwhile, I'll just keep reading, keep letting these related-but-not things drop into my life, keep paying attention. I.. don't know if it'll lead to anything, but it feels like it should.