July 4th, 2009


Like a jetboat with no rudder!

This morning a nice man (beagl)came and poked my computer and made it find its own bellybutton sound card. Now I can listen to all the mixes people have sent me since The Big OS Update! And do proper video chats. *is excited*

And then I went and checked the sheep, and harrassed them a little with my dog. Unfortunately I forgot my whistle, and while First works ok on voice commands, it doesn't have the same sharp clarity. Whistles are a language of which the note is only a part - the tone, sharpness and volume also matter - and my mouth whistles are, to her, a bit like someone speaking really bad English with a mouthful of marshmallows while trying to give precise instructions about how to do brain surgery. Anyway, I took a short vid and a picture, which are under the cut.

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I'm currently reading The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt. While it's primarily about non-traditional relationships (open relationships, polyamory and the like), so far it seems to have a lot of stuff that's useful for people in any kind of relationship, even if that relationship is only with themselves. You probably have to read a bit between the lines to find it, but yeah. Interesting reading. I like it when I read something that makes my eyes open a bit wider.