July 1st, 2009


Using money as leverage - UR DOIN IT RONG!

Yesterday I posted about this site. I actually had a visit from one of the members last night *waves*, encouraging us to go and post our opinions over there to improve learning for everyone. I'd just like to say, given the views of many people who read this - if you do go over there to comment, play nice! You may not agree with the perspectives expressed there, but nobody will listen to you if you piss them off.

Ok, having said that, the reason I was there was related to Child Support. I first found the site a few years ago, when as a non-custodial parent I felt I was getting a raw deal, and I was looking for support. Unfortunately at the time, the strong anti-women sentiments expressed by some people on the site caused me to feel that I'd be unwelcome, and I didn't stay. I found my way back there yesterday, now being on the other side of that fence as a custodial parent and once again looking for support. I didn't find the support I was looking for, but re-reading the despair expressed by so many non-custodial parents (and the bitterness, anger and IMO misplaced vitriol towards women), got me thinking - maybe it's time to have a look at my situation as its been from both sides, and address this question of 'fairness'.

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Finally, a semi-geek question. I seem to be unable to run video chat in Skype. I have the latest Skype, the latest drivers and the latest DirectX. What I don't have is a machine that can find its own sound card. The new OS is a work in progress, and the sound card recognition is one of the things that's in progress. ;-) Is the lack of audio likely to be anything to do with why I can't make or receive video calls? And if that's the case, can anyone recommend an app that allows video and text chat without needing sound?