June 30th, 2009


I don't understand..

I found this site in my search for information/support relating to today's post. It purports to be a site that 'promotes a clearer understanding of men's experience'. Not being a man, I can't really say if it accurately depicts men's experience, but reading the articles on the home page (and the comments to them) I get these messages:

Article 1: Smacking is part of good parenting.
Article 2: "she must have been wicked bad and the dad a bloody saint. even Australia does the blind eye to sheila crims."
Article 3 : The law is unjust, the police are biased and women are out to get men.
Article 4: The gender pay gap is a myth and pay equity isn't about equality but about gold digging.
Article 5: The case against corporal punishment is fraudulent.
Article 6: Women get away with murder, men don't.
Article 7: Sex education in schools is bad.
Article 8: There's a support group for the wellbeing of fathers (that has no comments, which to me speaks volumes).

I was less shocked at the vitriol aimed at women (after all, I've not only read a few feminist sites but I've also read a lot of fathers' sites - since being a non-custodial parent is assumed to be the father's role - so I'm kind of used to that), than I was at what seems like such a conservative agenda being touted as the most important things relevant to men.

Guys, am I wrong? Is this really what men's experience is like? Or, as it seems to me, does this kind of thing really do men no favours in the generalisations and stereotypes it associates with them by making it seem like men assume the right to be violent to children, call women sheilas and have more money?

I am confused.