June 29th, 2009


Ye gods, the girl has feelings!

This weekend was about dancing. There was stilt dancing, at which I suck less than I thought I would due to all that balance training in other sports. There was dancing to hard trance, which is unusual for me since I'm more into psy or electro/house/breaks styles, but for some reason Saturday I wanted high-energy on a not-too-crowded dancefloor and I got it. I also finally understand what the deal is with Quamay. He was head and shoulders above the others with a track selection that kept it interesting without all those endless breakdowns.

Then there was the cow and sheep dance after three hours' sleep. Luckily they were all cooperative (or just frozen to the spot). It's consistently 2 degrees colder up at the sheep than it is in town, but the dancing kept us warmish. Also, RIP Toffee the Cow, who had a caesarian last year and can't have any more babies and was thus off to the works yesterday.

And then there was the 'need to nap but can't sleep in the daytime' dance, that mostly involved reading and finally dozing off on the couch in front of the fire after dark.

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I actually kind of like this idea - bulldozing abandoned sections of shrinking cities, allowing 'nature' to regenerate, and concentrating the built up bits into more sustainable areas.

And from the OMGWTF file - I would like to know how you spend 2 hours a day meditating, for 35 years, yet can still be this egotistical? (thanks wwhm).