June 25th, 2009


Sleepy-eyed boy distracts me deliciously

A week after exams, my mind turns to 'so what do I need to do next?' thoughts. I spent some time yesterday digging around on the Vic website course catalogue. Next year's courses aren't up yet, but it did give me some indication of what's available regularly, and can I just say, I hope there are lots of special topics next year?

Id toyed with the idea of doing a summer semester course this year as well, since I seem to have some momentum, but when I looked at my options I can either do The Sociology of Death and Dying (irrelevant to my focus and not really of that much interest to me) or Popular Psychology if I want to stay with Humanities.

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Had an interesting conversation yesterday relating to the deviance/privacy post I made a while ago. The result of that was more thinking, and a realisation that it's less about 'them' and more about 'me' in terms of reasons one might have for keeping such things to oneself. And that those 'me' reasons are going to vary from person to person based on a whole lot of different variables relating to life experience, personality and social group. "Well duh" I hear you say. I'm still not sure where I stand along that continuum.. I have more thinking to do.

I seem to have mislaid my cellphone. I have one more place to look before giving it up as lost and getting a new one - given that I've had that number since 2001, new cellphone is.. suboptimal but possibly necessary. If you've been trying to get hold of me, I'm not ignoring you, mmk? Email is the best way to get in touch if you need to.

I'm listening to a mixtape that makes me smile because it takes my head back to summer..