June 19th, 2009


Exams - interfering with my ranting since 2008!

Darn you, smart friends, for giving me topics to mull over! I honestly thought I'd be breaking LJ today with lengthy missives on the following:

The optimal ratio of symbolic input to a mind compared to the symbolic relationships within, using Kiwiburn as a (somewhat laboured) analogy.

Nuclear family model vs whangai model (still haven't figured out how to do the inflectiony thingies) vs other models of family - is it really about Girls vs Boys and White Folks vs Brown Folks, if so why, and is either model Really Better? Define better anyway!

The Patheticness of Romance Novels and why I'd like to poke Charlotte Bronte in the eye (this would be less distasteful if she were still alive I suspect).

Anyway, you can all breathe a huge sigh of relief, because I have an exam. So instead I'm going to go write for two hours on ontology vs epistemology (take it to the Ditch!), what I'll be doing with my biopower on the weekend, and exactly where you can shove your thick description.

There will be Fidels later as a reward to myself for making it through yet another semester, for the handing over of party gear and the wishing well of those heading to warmer climes (richdrich and ferrouswheel).

PS I am wearing pants. It must be cold.

Things I should have learned by now..

Read the instructions!

Apparently my exam was open book. Who knew? Well, everyone else apparently - I, on the other hand, turned up with a brain full of The Great Beards Of Sociology, quite a lot of multisyllable words, and and a fleeting comprehension of Foucault - and no notes.

I still think I passed though. In fact, I figured it out and I only have to get 57% in the exam to keep my A, and I know I did better than that. So Yay!

Also, geekery:

Them: Best wishes for exam. You will kick epistemological arse.
Me: Provably!
Them: Hurrah for positivist exam marking.

PS I love my life.