June 18th, 2009


You knew it was going to happen..

This morning I accidentally caught the early train in, and consequently ended up doing the Salmon Run* with pombagira, and having morning coffee with her. On the way to the coffee stand of two-cute-baristas-ness, there's a large intersection where a four-lane road meets a six-lane one. We arrived at said intersection and there were around a dozen people waiting to cross, yet nobody had pushed the "Hey Pedestrians Waiting" button! It was as if they were all expecting the lights to magically change because of their mere presence. To which I went O.o golly, and I thought I was dozey in the mornings!

* When folks get off the train en masse, and all wander in the same direction, it's for all the world like swimming in a stream with salmon. Only it smells better.

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My exam is tomorrow. I feel prepared but not prepared enough. Interesting that I got an email from the university yesterday telling me to stay home if I felt fluey and they would arrange another exam time for me. This swine flu thing is having far-reaching effects!

Oh yeah, pombagira has my copy of Filament at the moment, so it won't be at Fidels tomorrow for the viewing of interested ladies, but when she's finished it'll be fair game. ;-) We promise not to sticky up the pages...