June 9th, 2009


Of arabs' sandals, two dollar whores and wet hens

In an email this morning, someone described yesterday's cold as brutal. While I understand that there are loads of places in the world that are colder (notably Antarctica, Twizel, and the proverbial witch's tit*), I definitely felt brutalised by it. Luckily, today is warmer. I'm told the wind will swing round to the northwest (ie we'll actually get some), and it'll rain. The clouds are hanging low (now it's daylight I can tell this) and have that weird snow colour in them. If we get snow from the north I might have to dig myself a cave and stay in it till September. Or go to Africa or something.

*I think this last one is assumption. I've seen lots of witches' tits and they don't look cold to me. See also: Polly.

Anyway, it's not really the cold that's tough at the moment, it's the dark. Again with the darker places - Scandinavia, Antarctica and the insides of cows. But yeah. It didn't really get daylight till I was at work. We have just under two weeks till the solstice, then about 6 weeks before we get to a point where it's noticeably lighter in the mornings.

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Last night I dreamed about a horse that was pregnant with twins, one a human, one a snake. Because *loop back to the bit about mystery-confusion-chemicals*. I rest my case. Shorter winter working hours, please kthxbye.

In other news, the Air France crash seems to have brought out the vultures. It won't stop me flying but it's pretty sobering looking at that, and I have to work at not thinking about it too much. I'm not actually afraid of flying and I'm aware that driving my car is more dangerous to me personally, but the way that air crashes tend to have no survivors plays on my mind a lot. ;-/

Also, there might be A Thing for The Kid's birthday, which is on the solstice. Not sure what sort of Thing yet - but a Thing just the same. Those who offered Teh Monies for helping with Teh Present, can you get it to me in the next week or so please? Cheers!

For those that asked

An explanation of sheep colour genetics.

To put it simply, white is dominant over non-white in both colour and pattern. In Sydney's sheep, if they are coloured they're almost always badgerface patterned as well, which is probably because of the small gene pool they originally came from.

So the three heterozygous rams are actually white but are carrying the gene for colour.