June 8th, 2009


But.. but... TODGER!

This morning I had to scrape ice off my car. Last night, empom, pombagira, thomasdequinc, some guy called Dave and I were running around playing with fire in this biting cold. The cold bites less when you have flames.

We were trying to make a promo-type video for a firespinning thing we've been asked to do in July. So we pulled out the toys and played with them while Dave chased us around with a camera. We got footage of poi, hoop, fans, double fans and palm candles (which are awesome fun and now I want some!). I lost some nostril hair and there's a red patch on my wrist - the transition from fans to hoop was too much for my frozen brain, clearly. I've been trying out some 'arty' hand moves with the hoop - it lends itself well to being expansively waved about - and moving that slowly allows the flame to grow big enough to engulf my hands!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what Dave comes up with. We have ~25 mins of footage to make a 1:30 vid, so there's room to only put the best bits in.

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In other news, I still have all my hair. The urge is still there but I'm resisting it. Subzero temperatures may be helping with this.

And the Kiwiburn AGM is tonight. If you want to come along, it's at the usual meeting venue. If you don't know where that is, PM me or alternatively if you contact allyn, he'll send you the details for getting in on the conference call.

I like sharing the happy in the mornings. I feel very lucky. <3

[EDIT] PS I have won three Obscure ticket giveaways in the last week. I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only member..

Addendum observation

I live up the road from the Exclusive Brethren Church. That link* is a pretty accurate (from what I was told by an ex-Brethren person I used to work for) description of the Exclusive Brethren - only they seem to have missed the bit where contraceptives are a no-no and so they all have tribes of kids. It's not uncommon to see 8 or 9 kids getting out of one of those giant people-movers they all drive. They're there every day, twice a day, observing the requirements of their religion.

I can't help but wonder how pissed they'll be if they die only to discover there is no God.

* That's from the BBC Religion and Ethics page which calls them a sect. NZ Cult Watch has them listed as a cult, with a flashing red "DANGER" sign next to it.

[EDIT] Turns out the site I linked to is not the actual Cultwatch, but a Christian site which warns of abortion, Harry Potter and aikido as potential danger. More fool me.