June 5th, 2009


Skin - it's not just for breakfast.

It seems that Filament Magazine is causing quite a stir. I can understand people not appreciating it if it's not to their taste, but saying Suraya should be shot? I think that might be taking it a bit far.

What is it that's upsetting these people? That link is to a Daily Mail article in which the author goes from 'not to my taste and therefore crap' (read - every magazine should cater to me specifically), to near-ranting about how women looking at porn/erotica is somehow demeaning to women.

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Gosh, that ended up longer than expected. My copy is winging its way to me as you read this. One thing's for sure, people getting upset about it is focusing attention on it. And while geek girls who like porn might be in the minority right now, we're a vocal and growing minority who would just like to say a big "Fuck you" to those who think we shouldn't have our needs met because we don't fit their idea of what women should enjoy. I fully expect the magazine will have a small, steadily growing and dedicated following. And good on Suraya for doing it.