June 4th, 2009


In the name of.. what is this in the name of anyway?

Note to self: bring big lovely headphones to work. Now that I have Actual Out Loud Speakers at home, I find I don't use the phones as much, and the pluggy bits in the back of my pooter being hard to access means that changing from speakers to phones is an acrobatic exercise. So having big fuckoff awesome phones at work sounds like the go.

In other noise news, my new alarm clock sounds like an ambulance on valium. "Whoooaaaaauuuoooowaaaauuuoooo" - but it wakes me up. And the off switch is on the opposite side to the previous one so I have to wake up to turn it off. Added bonus - The Kid has my old one so no more knocking on his door to wake him up in the mornings. Win!

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Speaking of arguments, my tutor gave me A+ for my essay on LSD. In fact, she gave me an actual mark. 92% - with the exception of School Certificate maths, that's the best I've ever done in an assessment, and for a Humanities subject, I'm utterly stoked. I'm also thinking maybe I have a penchant for Social Policy? Maybe I should rethink my Criminology papers and focus more on this - I certainly enjoy it more. And more courses with that tutor because a) she gives me good marks and b) her courses make me think. Lots. Again, hmm..

Lots to think about today.

And from the WTF Spam Content File: "Mrs Bolshevistic forbearance personified!"