May 29th, 2009



We bought our AfrikaBurn tickets! It's really happening! OMGOMGOMG! And you lot will have to tolerate me squeeing about it for three more months before we go!

I am pondering dressing up like lions and tigers and wandering around rocking from foot to foot going "Forget Norway!" But the South Africans might not appreciate that eh? There may have to be a patch on my backpack that says "Holy crap! Lions!" instead.


I'm wondering about travelling with my fire gear. I've put my hoops on domestic flights with no trouble, but internationally might be a bit different. Anyone have experience with this? I figure if I wash the wicks thoroughly (or invest in new ones I guess) I should be ok. And suddenly it becomes very important to make sure my hoops are well packed - normally I tape them all together but I'm thinking there may be bubble wrap in their future too. I'd like to have some kind of metal reinforced case, but I'm also conscious of weight restrictions and how metal can eat into them.. hmm.

Because, you know, never mind things like tents, sleeping gear and clothes - I need my fire stuff!


[EDITED TO ADD]: Oh noes! Rampant teenage hugging! Whatever is the world coming to? And, Funny but pointed satire of same. And meanwhile, in New Zealand... ;-/

(thanks rivet, rikan_feral, and pombagira