May 27th, 2009


Heroes 3? How very retro.

Our internet is back!

I faithfully printed out and followed the instructions given to me by various helpful geeks, went home, checked lights (all working), cables (all fine), powercycled everything (no problems), attempted to ping the router (total fail). Figured the problem must be somewhere in the wireless router, maybe to do with the power blips we'd been experiencing resetting something. Went out thinking "Boo, can't fix it."

10 minutes later, The Kid got home, got on the internet, it all worked like a dream. I have no idea what was wrong but it's been fine ever since. Maybe machines are becoming sentient and mine healed itself for fear of being prodded fatally by me and my ignorance. Go figure.

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I just bought an external hard drive. OMGWTF you say? Yeah, that's what I said too. But it's a Shiny Toy and I realised that some of my drives are, um.. elderly. And replacing my music, while possible, would be time consuming. And replacing my photos would not be possible at all. The rest? Meh. But, priorities people! Thanks to ferrouswheel and beagl for the timely reminder.

I'm having dinner guests on Thursday. I'm going to cook and everything! I feel like a grownup..

Also, the photography club turned up at spinning last night. Some guy took a bunch of photos of me with my fans and hoop. I'm looking forward to seeing them. And, pombagira and empresskylon need fans too. We shall stage a fire fan takeover of the world Mwuahahahahaa...