May 25th, 2009


La la la

Storm damage so far: one dog up to neck in leaves, one bush falling off fence, one internet. I'm mostly worried about the bush, cos so far I can't see a way of getting it back up where it belongs without it dripping all its retained water down my neck.

Also, is it normal for some corporate 'dial 1 to get out' phones to refuse to connect with 0508 numbers? I seem to remember this vaguely from some past life. Anyway, the Magickal Intarwebs say they'll get back to me within 48 hours about our Total Internet Failure. Meanwhile, *drums fingers* our house is a web-free zone.

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Schools are still set up for families where one parent is at home (witness the start/finish times for school vs work, amongst other things). I am wondering how this can be, given that both-parents-working (even when there are two parents) has been the norm since I was at school. WTF, education system?


You know how reading the Herald opinion pages can be a recipe for losing your hair/marbles/mind/cool? Well I found something else: Amazon book reviews.

Is it my imagination, or are the people writing the reviews for this book, mostly using the opportunity to talk about themselves rather than the book? Is this identity politics in action?

Never mind the soapboxing about whether Wicca and Christianity can be combined...