May 20th, 2009



We got a good spinning session in last night before the weather turned to custard. Having two toys means I can spin almost constantly without the downtime for my wicks to cool. I started off gingerly with the fans, but then empom showed up and inspired me. The woman is amazing. Funny thing is, having never seen herself do it, she came up to me afterwards and was all "Does it look ok?" Hehe, methinks it might be time to video some people..

This is the sort of thing I want to be able to do. While the bellydance styles are pretty to look at, I shake my ass enough with the hoop and part of the reason for choosing fans as my second fire toy was to lose the body-restriction of the hoop and just dance. So for me, it's all about making the fans dance around my body while I just do my thing. Even if doing my thing means burning my fingers from going too slow while mesmerised by the flames. Ow..

Also, I want to learn to do those weaves because they make the fans look like they're bending. ;-)

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What do you reckon this is? Bulls used to make these on the sand country in Dargaville - they'd rub their heads and dig and sometimes fight, and it would make a hole, and the wind would blow away the loose soil. But Southland isn't sand country, and it doesn't mention bulls. Hmm again..