May 19th, 2009



Last night we threw some fuel on the Africa fire by looking through glossy adventure brochures. While the adventures were a bit expensive and also not conducive to getting from J'Burg to Cape Town in the time we have, OMGLIONS! and GIRAFFES! So we decided that we probably won't join a tour but we would like to look around a bit, because getting there is expensive enough to make not hanging out for a while, a pretty silly thing to do. So now we have to decide for how long, which will hinge on when we need to be in Cape Town, and it's all very exciting..

Anyone know how many jabs you need to go to Africa? Also, LIONS!

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And on that 'in my day' thing? Every day is my day. And it still will be when I'm 90. You don't stop having days just because you get old, and while I get that there needs to be a way to differentiate 'the past' from 'the present', I'd like to come up with some cliche that doesn't make people sound like their life stopped when they weren't 'young' any more.

*grumpy muttering*

Also, hey look! Sunshine! I might get to play with my fans tonight!