May 14th, 2009


A Question

How many of you ever browse the web using IE6 - whether at work or at home?

I know there's a general consensus among web people that it's not worth supporting any more, but I also know that a lot of corporates still use it. While opinions are welcome, that's not really what I'm after here. What I'm trying to ascertain is how many people actually are still using it, and therefore whether it's worth going to the effort (someone else's effort, sadly I am not a webgeek of that flavour) of making a site that I care about compatible with it.

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Also, new books!
Breaking Open The Head: A psychedelic journey into the heart of contemporary shamanism
Can Animals and Machines Be Persons? A Dialogue
The Pursuit of Oblivion: A social history of drugs
Sex, Drugs and Chocolate: The science of pleasure