May 13th, 2009


There has to be a good headline for this

I wonder about the wisdom of naming someone in an article about random growth of magic mushrooms on a national news website. I suspect her back yard may be subject to clandestine visitation a fair bit over the next few days..

Does anyone know what the temperature got down to last night? On a scale of Positively Balmy to Damn There's a Stalactite Hanging Off My Nose..

On checking the price of flights, it seems the Aussie burn is out of my grasp financially. If they hadn't procrastinated so much on the information, or if I'd had more faith and just bought my tickets anyway, it'd be different. However, all is not lost, since Africa is currently calling my name. I'm told by a Completely Reliable Source (the master of secrets) that there are zebras. And lakes.

I will leave the country this year! *stamps foot*

Last night I met up with an old friend for coffee. It was nice. And getting fed vegan meatballs by Ems was the icing on the cake. Word of warning though, you'll be waiting more than a moment for the Midnight Melting Moments to melt.