May 12th, 2009


thirstygirl take note!

Hooping last night to Shapeshifter, I finally understood about drum and bass! Don't worry, I'm not about to rush off and buy some cargos (oh wait..) and a beanie and throw out my glowsticks and practice scowling in the mirror, but I felt the rhythm underneath it for the first time - it didn't just sound like pointless noise.

It wasn't particularly heavy dnb, it was almost crossover dub-ish, and had a distinct kiwi melodicness about it - and it was only for half an hour, but it didn't cause the usual aggressive feelings that come along with drum n bass for me. Which was nice.

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I also emailed AfrikaBurns. They emailed me back straight away, and are friendly and enthusiastic and pointed me to various places where we could check out theme camps, volunteering and other burners to potentially meet up with for rides and fun times.

*sings* Only in Kenya... Forget Norway!

PS One of my work colleagues is about to go on parental leave in support of his wife. Colleagues having kids makes me think of colleagues having sex. This weirds me out.

Is it my imagination

Or is Twitter killing LiveJournal where none of the other sites could?

PS this was going to be a one topic, one line post, in an attempt at some kind of irony. However, irony be damned, pombagira and I have a request:

Please post your skin icons here. You know, the ones with bits of you in them, revealing flesh. It's for art. And nobody will be identified who doesn't want to be.