May 11th, 2009


Shiny! New! Office!

Good stuff:

The return of my morning walk, a HUGE window from which I can see Mt Vic, people on the street, sunshine, being able to drop into shops, not having to park my car, easy access to the university, being able to have coffees with people again, arriving at work dishevelled and pink from actual contact with actual weather, the hot engineery boy crawling around under the desk in front of me, did I mention my morning walk? Stoked!

Not so good stuff:
My twangy knee twanging more instead of less with exercise, checking UPM's work and finding she's still messing it up and having to fix it for her, needing to print my essay and all the printers still being moved/set up, being a train moron. Yes, I was that person who couldn't find their ticket in the required <5seconds and got stared at by all the passengers. Ah well, someone has to do it, right?

So, good stuff outweighs not so good stuff, by quite a bit. Win! And tonight after hooping I can go home and relax because I don't have to write another essay until August!

PS my knee is not allowed to crap out. I have decreed it. So there.

And, in Gotta love those vote-buying 'promises' news, have a thing. Also, call me out of touch, but I didn't realise they were still alive.