May 10th, 2009


Nom nom pizza nom

I'm feeling kind of smug - possibly a little too smug for someone who didn't get out of bed till lunchtime.. but since then I've finished my essay redraft, fixed my fire hoop, cleaned the house, and made a start on the machine sewing of *classified* project. And broken three needles. There will be a dash to the haberdashery tomorrow for Needles of Extreme Gruntiness and Sharpness tomorrow. For now, I'm making a start on Sex, Drugs and Chocolate - The Science of Pleasure, which I bought on impulse yesterday and which I'm hoping will lend some insight into the conundrum of why some people can use drugs occasionally, and others go into obsessive self-destruct mode the minute they find something pleasurable.

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First day back in town tomorrow. I have the usual public transport nervousness, but I'm looking forward to my daily walk being reinstated, and the freedom of not having to find somewhere for my car. And being able to walk to my lectures, and drop into shops, and and and..

I'm silly. ;-)