May 7th, 2009


Dear universe

I am nice to little old ladies. I go to bed before midnight (usually). Lately, I've been eating horse food* which is supposed to be healthy. I don't get drunk and hurl bottles from car windows at girl guides. I floss. I occasionally engage in random acts of kindness, I've never switched the arrows on a detour sign, and I don't kick puppies. Therefore, I think it's unfair that I should get sick. Especially with the horse food thing, mmk? So kindly take your viruses elsewhere and give them to someone who doesn't have to redraft an essay. Kthx.

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rikan_feral, thank you for making the right decision last night. It was no night to be out on a motorbike. I like that you calculate your risks. Just saying.

And, I have an answer to a question that's been bugging me for a while - what's with all the cassette tape on the sides of the road? I mean, how long has it been since you actually used the cassette deck in your car? Does your car even have one? So, why the tape? We figured that maybe it was people finding them in their glove box after 5 years, and hurfing them out the window in a fit of "I'll never use that again!"

Apparently, we were wrong. Cassettes have retro cool, and are favoured by 'underground hipsters'.. although I do have to ask, just how many retro-cool underground hipsters are driving through the Desert Road in New Zealand when their cassette gets wound around the spindle, thus ruining it and precipitating the one-way trip to the ditch? Hmm.

*nod to bewarethefish*

I'm not sure I'd want it in my lounge, but I find the subject as art quite fascinating.

I started off going "Shock jock" *yawn* but then I thought about the title of the exhibition and the relationship to the content, and my mind went *ping*. IMO, if it makes my mind go *ping*, then it has value as art.

I'm wondering why, if preserved corpses are ok as art, people are upset by preserved corpses having sex. Seems a bit.. choosy about one's taboos to me.

Anyone remember the Madonna in a condom debate? (that link isn't the right one, it's too recent, but it's more or less the same thing). Some thought it was art, others were horrified by its 'vulgarity' and it was newsworthy for at least a week. My Dad and I had a very heated debate about it - me on the 'art' side, him on the 'vulgar'. We never did reach agreement on that.

I feel like I'm dealing a low posthumous blow to get the final word here*, but I reckon that if art didn't touch social taboos, make people think about why they find things offensive/beautiful/strange/insert-whatever-response-here, then what would make art different from just normal things?

I also think Dad would appreciate the warped humour in me getting the final word about this on the topic of corpses-as-art nearly five years after he died. My family is weird. I like them that way.