May 6th, 2009


Lots of tenebriousness out there today

*points up* I learned a new word!

Also, new ways to sell product online: "CHEAP AND TREATS DISEASES!" O.o

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Last night there were parent teacher interviews. I managed to elbow, barge and stiff-arm my way to five teachers (yes, it's really like that - caring parents are scary!), who all agreed that The Kid is a sensible one, and all had helpful and useful things to say about how I can assist with his education. Imagine my surprise to find I know his maths teacher from firespinning? He recommended something called Scratch to me - it's an open source application (I think) that helps people get started in programming, which is something The Kid has expressed an interest in. Anyone know anything about it, or able to recommend similar?

And last night, we watched Stardust while I made a start on the construction of the fun fur *also classified*. I was disappointed that Star Lady was so fiesty, yet so useless. Apart from saving the day at the end, which she couldn't do without Big Strong Hero Guy, she pretty much did nothing except get kidnapped and need rescuing. I was hoping that as some point she'd come into her true power, but she Really Didn't. At least, not until she'd secured her One True Love. *hmph*

la la la..