April 29th, 2009


Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow!

Please watch out for kimeros! She may look all innocent in her pink dressing gown, smiling beatifically at the world. But behind that soft, welcoming gaze there lurks an Evil Mastermind who will take over the world then hand you your ass at table tennis with no remorse.

And make it be fun, so you will go down willingly and smiling.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Between now and then, I have my 'peer review' thingy today (in which my tutorial group gets to dissect my essay for redrafting in 2 weeks *meep*), meetings Thursday and Friday, dinners Thursday and Friday, then *squuueeeeeeeee* a weekend in Kuratau with ferrouswheel, in which despite all the temptations of the local area (which we did look up), the most strenuous activity is likely to be getting a massage, or maybe walking to the local coffee shop.

Have a guess how much I'm looking forward to that? And for those of you who don't consider me capable of staying in bed for a whole weekend, there may well be photographic proof. Nyah.