April 28th, 2009


Meat doesn't actually come in little plastic packets you know..

This made me go WTF.

I'm not sure how the dogs stress the sheep any more than being loaded onto a truck and sent away to a blood-smelling freezing works, piled in with a bunch of strangers, 'washed' with high-pressure cold water and slaughtered Halal-style stresses them.

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Thus endeth today's rant. I'm an idealist, and in my opinion, if you're not prepared to kill animals with your own hands, you shouldn't be eating meat. If you eat meat, you should at the minimum make sure you know exactly what goes into the meat you eat, so that when you decide to go all animal-rights in order to assuage your guilt for taking life, your demands are actually going to benefit the animals' welfare and not make things worse.

Also, the first person to come up with a completely stress-free (and profitable) way of killing an animal for food is going to be one very rich person. Just saying.