April 24th, 2009


I am granola girl!

Actually, I don't even know what granola is. Sounds like some kind of glue.

In the interests of not being insane for a few days every month, which is fricking inconvenient as well as a stark contrast to the rest of my life, yesterday I did some research. Some of the stuff relating to blood sugar was interesting, since I've been prone to sugar crashing most of my adult life. There are other things that make a difference as well, so on the way home I went and made some purchases.

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This morning I ate a banana and a slice of toast. I know, riveting. I fully expect to be Wonder Woman today in All-Day Meeting The Fifteenth.

Anyway, I'll give it a go for a couple of months - I don't expect this sort of thing will have overnight results, and given that it's only a few days a month and the rest of the time I feel fine anyway, it's hard to notice any real difference outside those times. Hmm.

I'll be at Fidels tonight, probably a bit earlier than usual because of the Wonder Woman thing. It's my meeting this one, I'm running it, and therefore we should be finished by 3.

And we have our housewarming thingy tomorrow night, at which I will break from essay writing to be sociable. OMG Tats socialising without dancing! Whatever will they think of next?

I rocked the masonry world today

And in true Masonry World Rocking style, had the meeting wrapped up by 2:30pm. I wonder if there's some kind of consultancy work I could do that involved my three favourite Things Wot I Am Good At Workwise:

1. Extracting information from people.
2. Researching random topics (without report writing thanks!)
3. Making arguments to justify *whatever we happen to be doing*

Hey, I could work for the CIA!


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Dum de dum..

*goes to write essay*