April 22nd, 2009

going native

What, me, sidetracked? Nah.

Phonetic definitions #275 - Philately - A combination of flatulence and fellatio.


So I sat down last night and started to write out the methodology for my TIME article analysis thingy - and very quickly realised that I'd have to go through them again. This time I really am simply counting words, and it's going a lot more quickly.

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Oh yeah. I keep forgetting to mention this - we're having a get together on Saturday evening, ostensibly as a housewarming but mostly because we can. Please come say hi, it starts around 8ish and pombagira assures me there will be cupcakes and polite sandwiches, and naturally it's BYO cos we are filthy teetotallers and have no alcohol with which to ply you. Anyway, you should come.

Also last night, diogenes_stone showed me Being Human for the first time. To which I went "Yay!" *yoink*

Now I just need to remember to buy some DVDs..

And finally, I heard back from the Australian regional rep about the Aussie Burn (empresskylon, pombagira, richdrich and anyone else who's interested take note): "While we will be burning a seed and much joy and merriment will be part of the weekend, the other part is very much more of a talkfest about the first Public Burning Man event hopefully on the same site, same weekend in 2010. This seed gathering is to bring all those interested onto the site so we can walk the land, share ideas and form a bit of an org to administer it."

So it's not going to be a full on burn event. I'm still interested, who else is? I told them I'd get back with a rough idea of how many of us were interested..

[Edited to add]: "GET REAL MAMMOTH IN PANTS!" the mind boggles..