April 20th, 2009


If you're not cussing, your sewing isn't challenging enough!

I like that I can do alterations to clothing. I now have a short dress that used to be shorter, and cost a grand total of $3 and an hour's work!

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It's supposed to turn cold today. thomasdequinc is cleaning windows for his Grandma, which will involve him getting wet. *has a motherly moment* (ssh don't tell anyone). On Saturday, he edged the pathways and the fence in our garden, and did an amazingly good job of it. I was impressed. The kid does yard work really well (note to those that want some done) - better than I expected from a 13-year-old. And he's now sporting the snazzy coat as payment. He just needs to learn not to roll around on the ground with First in it now. ;-)

There are things I wasn't sure I could do that I now know I can. Satisfaction? Hell yeah.