April 19th, 2009


I'll analyse YOUR discourse!


Well - the bit where I go through 42 TIME articles and pick out bits and put them in lists of positive or negative (pretty subjectively) is done. Unfortunately, the suggested method of using Word to count them proved unworkable in the face of 50 different ways of saying the same thing - in reports about Timothy Leary's exit from Harvard, he went from being 'removed' through being 'fired' to being 'got rid of' as the LSD story unfolded. This makes it pretty hard to get my pooter to do the donkey work for me, given that strong AI ain't that strong yet - at least not in a form that's accessible to me.

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SaveMart was successful. I have five new tops, five new skirts, and two new dresses. Tommy found a coat that Greg would approve of, although it does make him look like a very well-dressed gothling. And he has red skinny jeans, which he assures me are 'scene' and not 'emo' - apparently emo is a state of mind, not a fashion style. Go figure.

Also, we watched the documentary made to celebrate the 10th birthday of Kink.com (NSFW). I like the very matter-of-fact approach these people take to fetish, a kind of relaxed, non-judgemental and IMO respectful approach to producing media for those who are into it - they don't treat it as anything other than a perfectly normal sexuality, which in my opinion, is right. I mean, if it were such an aberration, it'd be a hell of a lot less popular, and sites like Kink would be struggling to find custom. This says to me that it's a lot less deviant (by the sociological definition) than many folks think. Makes me wonder why it's got all these Hush Hush, Watch Out For The Weirdos connotations with it, or why anyone thinks it's abnormal. I hold that pretty much everyone has a bit of kink in them somewhere, it's just a matter of flavour.

But then, I would.