April 15th, 2009


Who let me near the glossies?

I finished my coat! Well, nearly. It needs a fastening on the front and I thought I'd add some loops on the back so I can lace it corset-style when closed, to make it less voluminous and more fitting. Now that it doesn't drag on the ground It's a bit less Anton LaVey, but is still a bit Harry Potter, and I'm hoping the closure and lacing will minimise this.

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PS There is remarkably little in the magazines I saw (admittedly only two) about internal development. Which isn't surprising, because being a real person takes work, and who would buy a magazine that said "Well, you could buy all this crap and it might make you feel good for a bit, but really if you want to be successful and get the babes, you need to be internally congruent, and that involves making hard decisions and sticking with them, realising that not everyone will always like you and that's ok, and also, probably going through some hard lessons, and actually learning from them." Let's call it Real Men Have Character magazine, huh? I just know people will rush out and buy it!

PPS *love*