April 8th, 2009


I win at dreams!

Last night I had a flying horse. He flew me to the South Island, where we participated in a sulky-free trotting race and came 5th. Then he flew me home again, only while I was gone my home had become storage for giant fruit bins and excess people, so we went and lived..

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I am very thankful that I have yet to feel the effects of the recession. I know there are folks who think it's a manufactured thing in the minds of people and isn't really real, but if my flist is an indicator of what's happening, I'm reading of redundancies, layoffs and financial woes - and at work, the belt-tightening exercises are beginning. I work in the construction industry, and it's hard not to notice the reduction in the number of cranes seen around Wellington, as well as the projects that have been scrapped, and the entire trade training industry is losing apprentices. My job is pretty secure, and even if the entire qualifications system was scrapped by the new government my skillset would fit with whatever replaced it. But yeah, things are happening. I'm wondering how low it'll go before things start to improve, and how much of it will touch me and mine.

Apparently the weather's supposed to be nice for the weekend!