April 7th, 2009


In lieu of actual thinking..

I've always disliked wedges. No, not those potatoey things that you eat from bowls with sour cream (although I generally prefer chips) - I mean the shoes:

I think they're ugly bordering on tragic. They remind me of grandmas with those little wheelie trolleys, and when they came back in as part of the so-called boho look (which was basically reconstituted stinky hippie from the 70s) and all the teenage girls started wearing them, I facepalmed and thought "Oh god surely grown women won't take this up?" But they did. Now you can buy corporate wedges, going-out wedges, casual wedges and slop-around-the-house wedges. I even found moonboot wedges, which I will not inflict on your tender eyes.

So what's so awful about wedges?

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Frivolity - it's the new black!

Also - this week is a short week because some guy got murdered at some other time of year in some other country a long time ago, and it got trendy to celebrate this. Therefore, Fidels on Friday would include a surcharge because cashing in on the whole murder/resurrection thing is also the new black. I'm going to suggest that we do it on Thursday instead. Whaddaya reckon?