April 4th, 2009


Today I shore..

Freckles, Checkers, Ronny, Timmy, Jack, Grace, Buttercup, Lucky, Speedy and 6 others who had no identity - in fact one of them was having an identity crisis because his people thought he was a lady sheep. This despite the American football sized dangly bits between his back legs. Go figure. Ronny and I go way back. I've been shearing him for four years. Likewise Jack, Grace and Freckles. They recognise me and generally behave themselves. Of the others, only Buttercup and Lucky are new, and they flailed accordingly. This year, we RIP Tammy and Domino (frankly I'm not sorry about Tammy, she was a shit).

For this I was given profuse thanks, lots of coffee and $170 - and some weird form of satisfaction at having a four-year relationship with these sheep. Yes, I'm weird. So?

Why is it so hard to tell boy sheep from girl sheep when you only have three?