April 3rd, 2009


Rhythmic feedback noise....

I love surprises. Just saying. Number one on my list of attributes for Folks Wot I Want In My Life (after the usual brains, personal responsibility and the like) is sense of adventure.. the kind of mind that is curious and wants to know stuff and isn't afraid to try new things - in fact seeks out new things to try and know and do. And hopefully, takes me along with them.

So when I got an email last night saying "I have a package. It's fun." I made an excuse to be in the neighbourhood and went to check it out...

Collapse )

Today, I definitely feel energised. I'm not sure if it's because of the electricity, the sunrise alarm clock, the suction or because of the dream I had where Giles from Buffy came to my house to admire my pen collection (wtf?) - but I definitely have a buzz on. It's nice. ;-)

Tonight there will be Fidels and salty fatty goodness. Tomorrow, apparently The Kid is going to Armageddon while I shear some sheep. Should I be afraid? Not of the sheep, of the Armageddonites.. or of my son getting into cosplay. *meep*

Also, chopping wood for Mum on Sunday. Thanks to the volunteered assistance of others and the borrow of a chainsaw, we should have it all done in one day. Yay!