March 31st, 2009



By unpopular demand, the All Day Tuesday Meeting is back! Now with more Quantity Surveyors! Added windowlessness! And the Stodgiest Sausage Rolls Ever!

I reckon work should shout us all a trip to a day spa to recover from this. At least I have managed to convince them that any work done after about 3pm is kind of pointless in these situations, so there will be some daylight left by the time we emerge.

Play nice, mmk?

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Last night I dreamed about the woman that Dave left me for. He was there too, but secondary. She, as she did in life, seemed to be trying to get my approval. It was a strange dream with no apparent motivation or message and mostly involved vague uneasiness.

Today, I met her for the first time since it all happened. She was in charge of an evacuation drill in the building I was in. We recognised each other and had a short conversation. I felt nothing, except for slight weirded outness because of my dream. However I have no real desire to be friendly with her either, so I took my leave quickly and before it got to the "So how've you been" part.

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Today I told the quantity surveyors off for all talking over the top of each other and me. Apparently I still have the teacher/dog trainer voice, because it worked. You'd think people with their own businesses would have better manners.

Tsk tsk..