March 30th, 2009


What I Did On My Weekend by Tats

Last night I got attacked by a breadboard, that leaped out of the cupboard and smacked me in the knee. I am embarrassed to admit that this turned me into a gibbering wimp for a while (although I didn't flake out the way I normally do with knee whackings). Today my knee is stiff and bruised. Yes, I win at the lamest ways to hurt myself.

I also have sore bits from Speed of Sound. I did some playing with my psihoop outside, and kind of got entranced and ended up spending an unspecified but large amount of time dancing with the hoop, with the inevitable muscular consequences today. It was a good party, and surprised me with the size of the Wellington burner community. The enthusiasm of the community didn't surprise me at all.

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And on Sunday I tackled Esmerelda - literally. We did the hokey tokey for a while before she fell victim to that security in size that made her think she could dodge past me by calling my bluff, more fool her. Especially given that her top speed is a fast walking pace for a human... Turned out she had overgrown feet and there was some weird brown stuff that looked like curry paste oozing out of the oil gland on her foot. I emptied it out (about a teaspoonful), trimmed back the hoof, and she should be right in a day or two.

Then, ferrouswheel came and made pizza for us, and happyinmotion and tieke brought apple crumble with ice cream, and there was serious blobbing and Firefly. The blobbing could have been more serious, but all my beanbags, cushions and fluffy stuff are still at Curve. Thus, there should be future-blobbing when I have these back, oh yes there should.

Life is good. ;-)

Sound geeks - advice please?

I've just been given a bunch of speakers for surround sound - 2 front, 2 back and sub with controller thingy. I'm told this is called 5.1. I connected everything together and that's all cool, only now I am looking at the holes on the back of my computer and the holes in the back of the controller thingy, and seeing that my computer has:

Three holes, the usual pink/green/blue setup which I believe is in/out and I have no idea what the blue one does but it doesn't make my phones work.

The controller thingy has:

Six holes for front left, front right, rear left, rear right, centre and sub.

So far so good.

I don't really understand how to get one headphone jack to split to six inputs on the controller thingy. My soundcard is Realtex HD Audio, and the Advanced Audio Properties window tells me I should be able to do 5.1. Except there don't seem to be enough holes in the back of my machine!

Am I missing something, or is there some special device/bit that I need to multiply one output into six for this thing?

It's ok to tell me I'm ignorant, but you'd be preaching to the choir. Advice would be more useful. ;-)