March 26th, 2009


The true meaning of anally retentive

What were you doing at 3:30pm yesterday?

I was spending 30 minutes debating what 'identify' actually means, and whether someone in postgraduate study should be expected to identify things in a different way from someone in high school. Yes, sometimes when qual developers get together, they actually do disappear up their own arses. This is why we're in demand - every now and then someone drops a word out of context and half a dozen of us are just gone!

(i keep references to dagging as a kind of safety shield)

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We had dinner guests last night. Just like grownups! With cutlery and everything! Something to note about our house - none of us drink alcohol, so we don't have things like wine in the house as a rule. Or wine glasses. Drinking wine from whiskey tumblers is totally classy and alternative! It is!

So, oh wise and knowing flist - should we perhaps keep a couple of bottles of wine in the house to offer to guests? Especially since it's not going to disappear between dinners..

PS I have left my phone at home today so if you're trying to get hold of me, email works best. ;-)