March 24th, 2009


Driving to work with the lights on

alphamatrix! You should go and get this! Tom Cosm's remix of Antix' Circade! And if you can, please flick him some money because while he gives all his music away, he makes his living from donations freely given! ;-)

Today the Ugly Wool Stockings are making their first appearance since last year. In combination with a turtleneck long-sleeved skivvy (hot pink) and a long skirt. It must be cold! Although last night I closed my windows for the first time (they have those little 'just cracked' catches) and I was warm and comfortable. OMG why did anyone ever think houses in New Zealand didn't need insulation? This is the first insulated house I've lived in and What.A.Difference! It does make stepping out of the house harder though..

It's still almost 2 weeks till the end of daylight saving. I'm kind of done with it now. There's not enough daylight really left in the evenings to do anything useful, and the dark-in-the-morning thing is making it harder and harder to wake up. Especially since this morning I was in the middle of something that involved bare chested men and ice cream when the buzzer went off. Harsh, I tell you!

Also, I learned last night that Australia is trying to get it together to have a burn. Word is they plan to do it on the first weekend in June. There's nothing on their website as yet, but since my decision not to go to Spain this year, I'm looking for something to do in winter and this may well be it. I suggest we stage a Kiwi invasion and I've joined their mailing list so I'll keep you posted with news as it arrives.

Australian burn? Awesome idea. Plz2b making it happen, you Aussies!

I am currently living in interesting times. I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, I'm enjoying myself. Are you?