March 23rd, 2009


I may be a curmudgeon but it's charming when I do it?

Looks like the equinox was marked this year - not just by a large chunk of my community getting together and combining forces to get firewood for everyone, but also by the weather turning to absolute custard after holding its breath for us while we did it. Today, it's not quite winter, but you can feel winter looming. I have no doubt we have a few last gasp warm days left, but hands up how many people lit a fire last night?*

Today, I have that 'turned the corner' feeling at a cellular level. This could be because of the equinox, but I suspect it's more to do with other factors, not least of which is having spent several hours swinging off the end of an axe yesterday. *flexes left hand ruefully* I'm interested in how everyone else is faring. I have not-much grip and some pain in my left hand, and the muscles in the centre of my shoulder blades hurt. And also, my toes. Which is weird. Where does everyone else hurt?

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And after declaring that it isn't shearing season right now and I'm conscious of my level of fitness, maybe half an hour later I got a text from folks wanting sheep shorn in a couple of weeks. So, um, yeah. I won't be joining a gym any time soon then. ;-)

Speed of Sound is this weekend. I am excited!

*We didn't. Our house is Teh Warm. Also, I was engaging in some determined lazing on a beanbag with ferrouswheel and a slinky minky blankie, so there was no need for added external warmth.