March 20th, 2009


Exception to Rule 34 - FOUND!

There is no algorithm pr0n on the internet! At least, none that I could find. Please to not be asking why I was looking mmk?

Speaking of Teh Magickal Interwebs, I got the dreaded email this morning saying that we've used 80% of our cap (10G) - this in just under two weeks since we moved in! *gasp* Which is totally fine because I just called up and doubled the allowance - the idea was to get a measure of how much we actually use and take it from there. But gosh. I remember when grist and I had a 5G plan and we never even came close to going over it, even with WoW and the like. These days I upload/download more, and I think individual sites probably eat more bandwidth as well what with the graphics and the whatnots. If we tip over into needing 40G, I will officially rename us Internet Addicts Anonymous. O.o

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This week, I'm continuing the theme of things I've never done before. Did you know that Aunty Mena's in Cuba St sells something called 'BBQ Gluten'? I had some. It was tasty. I can safely say that my Yorkshire breeding is doing me proud in the I Can Eat Anything stakes - bbq gluten is no match for me!

There are other things. Level of intensity - 11. Nuff said.

See you at Fidels! ;-)